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Pick up passengers in Bus Simulator 16

Bus Simulator 16 is a driving sim game in which you take on the role of a bus driver, responsible for carrying passengers safely and punctually around five different, realistic urban districts. As your career progresses, you'll raise more money, unlock new advertisements and decorations for your buses, and gain new routes.

The next best thing to real life

Bus Simulator 16 is a highly detailed game, with the real controls of your bus accurately reproduced. The complex controls can take some getting used to, but if you're patient you'll get the hang of them. You'll need to be cautious as you drive, but you still have to be alert -- diversions and other hazards can change your route on the fly. Your passengers can also cause trouble for you, too; you'll need to sell them the right tickets and make sure that you accommodate them by extending the wheelchair ramp and more. Earning money and completing runs will unlock more buses for you to purchase. You can even decorate your bus with stylish decals, although you won't get much chance to admire them from behind the steering wheel.

All the fun of being a bus driver

Like most simulation games, Bus Simulator 16 has a somewhat narrow appeal. If you've ever wanted to be a bus driver, this is the game for you, but that might not apply to many people.


  • Realistic city neighbourhoods
  • Varied bus designs, including articulated buses


  • Not exactly thrill-packed
  • Performance and stability issues

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User reviews about Bus Simulator 16

  • Pavle Dvonik

    by Pavle Dvonik

    vrey liked thisgames bus simulator 16 yes recommenditi aym playr . and dwnload free full version

  • roblox maniac

    by roblox maniac

    i cant.
    you haved to buy it i cant get it so i dont really like it

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